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Mineo exibition rules

Artistic Squatting Unleashed: 7 Rules for Successful Exhibition Planning

The exhibition space is a special place, not because it displays strange objects and ideas and serves as a gathering place for Prosecco drinkers with crystal glasses, but because it…

7 leasons before sahara

7 life lessons from the last village before the Sahara

There is no better teacher than to travel. Our eyes are opened to places, tribes, and lifestyles we could never have imagined. It forces us out of our comfort zone,…

Aristotle tyranny

Aristotle’s Ancient Formula for Tyranny

I was reading the book: The Politics, when I got to the chapter on tyranny, and it seemed to me that Aristotle’s definition of tyranny was painfully similar to what’s…

Andrea Mineo

Mega Trend Society

Why should Culture Trends be viewed with caution? When speaking about trends, often people think it is about cultural or technological phenomena, but this can’t be farther from the truth.…

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