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Aristotle’s Ancient Formula for Tyranny

    Aristotle tyranny

    I was reading the book: The Politics, when I got to the chapter on tyranny, and it seemed to me that Aristotle’s definition of tyranny was painfully similar to what’s happening today, the issues raised and discussed in The Politics continue to be of significance and importance up until this day for more than two thousand years. 

    About 340 BC, Aristotle wrote one of the most relevant books revealing how a government could maintain a repressive system and, on the other hand, prepare us for this possible threat to humankind. 

    I suppose the evident change is the censorship ramping up further than ever. We knew this would occur as it’s in the globalist agenda, as they have devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources to ensure total narrative control. 

    Content creators on social media are faced with suppression to the furthest extent, mass reporting, comment deletion, algorithm sabotage resulting in little to no views, and account bans. You may wonder why is this unfolding with such urgency. What are they trying to hide?

    The sad truth is all that has happened in the last few years starting with the very obvious like stolen U.S. elections to the abandonment of efficient energy resources and concealing the stupidity of green policies for an obvious fact that they cannot allow an open discussion that could reveal the truth. After all, that would be an affront to their earth-worshipping, anti-human religion. 

    It’s obvious that Druidic pagans are hiding behind aggressive green propaganda and that they are ruling our society. At the recent gathering at Mount Sinai (according to their calculations) they announced their own perverted moral code, the ten climate commandments. The blasphemy is becoming increasingly blatant. The COP27 symbol is intentionally reminiscent of the symbol for the ancient Egyptian sun God, Ra, and they even constructed their climate center (pagan temple) that resembles this symbol.  

    So let’s go and take one example from Aristotle’s book:

    “The tyrant should lop off those who are too high and put to death the means of the spirit. He must not allow common meals, clubs, education, and the like. He must be on his guard against anything that may inspire either courage or confidence among his subjects. He must prohibit assemblies and take every means to prevent people from knowing one another, for acquaintance begets mutual confidence. Further, he must compel all persons staying in the city to appear in public and live at his gates – then he will know what they are doing. If they are always kept under, they will learn to be humble”

    A tyrant must always be a step ahead of the people he rules. For a tyrant to be able to pull this off, he needs to introduce constant supervision and espionage. In order to conceal this act of terror, he needs a distraction in the form of fake news, staged wars, and a made-up crisis. Also polarisation of society and constant sowing of quarrels among the citizens and among the genders. Also, he needs to bring the population on the margin of existence, impoverished, anxious, and humiliated; the possibility of rebellion is diminished, as existential worries occupy the everyday lives of the population.

    The book goes further;

    “Put to death men of spirit.” Who are men of spirit? People with clear values, ready to fight for their own freedom. People who would defy official narratives.  For this to happen, he must not allow common meals, clubs, education, and the like.” 

    With the attack on food, we clearly see that our “common meals” may not be so common after all. And though we have a form of education, it is carefully tended by our government. One might say true education has been eradicated indeed.

    A tyrant must be on his guard against anything that may inspire either courage or confidence among his subjects. 

    For this reason Hollywood movies with the culture and trends they aggressively promote, dominate every cinema, streaming platform, and festival in the world, as they aim at indoctrinating young people into adopting their materialistic and atheistic worldview, which has been proven to create a generation of desperate nihilists obsessed with the superficial pleasures and material possessions. Thus obstructing inspiration,  creation and forming of alternative art movements, which have been opposing the mainstream since the early 20th century, but it has been successfully suppressed these days.

    As if this wasn’t enough he must also compel all persons staying in the city to appear in public and live at his gates.

    Have you heard about the 15-minute city project? It’s misrepresented as a climate-friendly way to structure a city such that all you may ever need is within 15 minutes of walking distance to all residents, but the true intent of it is control. In a smart city of this kind, people would be monitored at all times and could not make any move without those in power knowing. A city such as this would make it very easy to ensure the people remain confined. 

    We already know that ordinary people are regarded as collateral damage. It’s clear that the function of government is to take money from the public and place it into private hands. That’s why Afghanistan lasted two decades, resources from this country were exploited, and the transfer of wealth to the hands of a few. It’s the same with current conflict that’s undoubtedly staged, and used as means of robbing citizens of the whole world. 

    When ordinary people are making a choice between food or heat, it’s time to accept that things are falling apart, and we can no longer call this progress. 

    Since the start of this winter, people are paying 80% more in energy bills while energy companies have their pick of profit. It’s clear that the intention is to generate profit rather than to sustain a system, then it’s obvious you can’t plunge people into poverty but rather rob them little by little, so the shareholders can continue to take dividends so that the value of energy companies can continue to increase. That’s unethical, that is exploitation, it’s tyranny. The statement that this is due to the Ukrainian War is false. Establishment elites are profiting from poverty, and it’s gone too far. It has to be addressed. It will only be stopped by an uprising when failure within the system is assured you have to move beyond the system in order to succeed. That’s why communities, people organisations, and small businesses that counteract the central system need our maximal attention and support today. 

    in conclusion:

    A quick solution is not possible, nor is a quick change. We may be tempted to seek the answer elsewhere, but it already lies within us. Or better said, we do have an instrument to distinguish right from wrong. Yes, that is correct, it is our brain, gut feeling, and awareness that are always at our disposal, but many of us have suppressed them and never relied on them to find out the truth again.

    With all that being said we don’t need any interpretation of reality, it’s what we see before us. When we start to deal with that, and not with what they tell us that day we will advance to an extent never seen before.

    Author: Andrea Mineo

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