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Andrea Mineo

Mega Trend Society

Why should Culture Trends be viewed with caution? When speaking about trends, often people think it is about cultural or technological phenomena, but this can’t be farther from the truth. Very few in history have been true cultural trends, and… Read More »Mega Trend Society

how to protect your energy

How To Protect Your Energy

Do you find it difficult to protect your energy from negativity? You often get into quarrels and you end up involved in superficialities that serve you no good. After a while you can’t even remember what it was all about… Read More »How To Protect Your Energy

how to avoid hell

How to Avoid Hell

In folklore, hell is a place in the afterlife where souls are tormented and tortured for their misdoings in the course of life. It’s believed that those who end up there, stay in hell for eternity, or at least until… Read More »How to Avoid Hell